Multiple Pathways High School Equivalency

The Multiple Pathways to High School Equivalency (MPHSE) diploma program is a standardized performance assessment program for the completion of a high school equivalency diploma. The student must demonstrate high school-level competencies in the five selected content areas. Once the student has satisfactorily completed all requirements, a high school equivalency diploma will be awarded through the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges.

Multiple Pathways Content Areas

 The five required content competency areas are:
• English Language Arts/Literacy
• Mathematics 
• Science
• Social Studies
• Technology
Elements to Determine Credit
The following may be used in combination to demonstrate completion of content areas:
• High School Courses (grade C or better)
• Adult High School Courses (grade C or better)
• High School Equivalency Assessments (passing score on subject test for GED/HiSET/TASC)
• BSP Transition Courses
• NorthStar Certifications