Developmental Studies

Developmental studies are prerequisite and co-requisite courses for students who require additional support in college-level English, reading, and mathematics courses. Consistent with the North Carolina Community College System's framework, each developmental course has targeted learning objectives and instructional approaches that are designed to help students accomplish those objectives. Initial student placement in developmental courses is based on a multitude of student placement standards, including high school GPA. Students should begin developmental course work at the appropriate level, as indicated by Central Piedmont's placement standards and their academic program of study. Central Piedmont's developmental courses are designed to increase student success in gateway math and English courses and to align learning experiences with students' career and university transfer goals.

Developmental Mathematics Courses

MAT 003Transition Math3.0
MAT 010Math Measurement & Literacy Su1.0
MAT 021Algebra/Trigonometry I Support2.0
MAT 043Quantitative Literacy Support Class2.0
MAT 052Statistical Methods I Support2.0
MAT 071071 Precalculus Algebra Support2.0

Developmental English Courses

ENG 002Transition English3.0
ENG 011Writing and Inquiry Support2.0

ACA Academic Related Course

ACA 090Student Success Strategies3.0

Computer Information Technology Course

CTS 060Essential Computer Usage2.0

 Chemistry Course

CHM 090Chemistry Concepts4.0

 English as a Foreign Language Courses

EFL 050English for Academic Purp5.0
EFL 055English for Special Purpo3.0
EFL 062Listening/Speaking II5.0
EFL 063Listening/Speaking III5.0
EFL 064Listening-Speaking IV5.0
EFL 072Reading II5.0
EFL 073Reading III5.0
EFL 074Reading IV5.0
EFL 082Grammar II5.0
EFL 083Grammar III5.0
EFL 084Grammar IV5.0
EFL 092Composition II5.0
EFL 093Composition III5.0
EFL 094Composition IV5.0