Mission, Values, Goals

Central Piedmont's future will be built on a well-defined set of mission, vision, and value statements that guide our every action.

Our Vision

Central Piedmont will be a champion of students, a catalyst for opportunity, and an exceptional provider of learning experiences that transform lives and strengthen community.

Our Mission

To facilitate student learning, success, and completion, Central Piedmont provides exceptional education and globally competitive training in an engaging, supportive environment.

Our Values

  • Student-Centered: We are committed to students and learning. Student success is the heart of everything we do.
  • Collaboration: We recognize the power of partnerships and effective communication and work collaboratively within our organization and externally in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community and beyond.
  • Excellence: We strive to achieve excellence by recognizing opportunities, solving problems, and innovatively serving our students and community.
  • Accountability: We demonstrate integrity, transparency, and effective use of resources by assessing our programs and services and using data to inform our decisions.
  • Equity: We believe all individuals have the potential to succeed and we will provide student-focused pathways to achievement.
  • Courage: We are passionate about our work. We are willing to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses and confront challenges with intentionality.

Our Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal #1: Creating a Unified and Focused Vision for Student Success

Central Piedmont will create and communicate a cohesive vision to promote student success and implement targeted strategies to improve learning outcomes for all students.

  • Objective 1.1 – Student success
    • Provide a unified definition of student success and consistent metrics of college-wide student success, including but not limited to completion, retention, and persistence rates
  • Objective 1.2 – Continuous Improvement
    • Foster a culture of evidence, inquiry, and continuous improvement of educational programs and holistic, integrated student support strategies
  • Objective 1.3 – External Measures
    • Meet or exceed the North Carolina Community College System, regional and program accreditors, and governmental student success measures
  • Objective 1.4 – Learning Outcomes
    • Develop and assess learning outcomes and provide the results to faculty and staff

Strategic Goal #2: Promoting Academic Excellence through Community Engagement and Partnerships

Central Piedmont will continuously refine programs to ensure that they are high-quality and relevant and provide support services that optimize career pathways and college transfer. This effort requires focused collaboration to align academic programs with relevant knowledge and skills needed to drive economic success.

  • Objective 2.1 - Pathways
    • Promote successful student transitions from K-12 educational systems to Central Piedmont and then to employment and/or transfer
  • Objective 2.2 – Completion
    • Cultivate and nurture relationships with university partners, business, and industry to promote student completion prior to transfer or entering the workforce
  • Objective 2.3 – External Relationships
    • Cultivate and nurture external relationships to best assess academic programs and student support services for relevancy and their ability to maximize economic opportunities for students
  • Objective 2.4 – Economic Success
    • Offer academic programs and services that prepare students to thrive in a local and global economy

Strategic Goal #3: Advancing our Organizational Culture

Central Piedmont will recruit, develop, and retain a diverse, respectful, and responsible workforce who will foster an organizational culture of transparency and collaboration dedicated to mission-driven allocation of financial, physical, technological, and human resources.

  • Objective 3.1 – Employee Empowerment
    • Empower employees to make intentional, collaborative, data-informed decisions regarding aligning resources to support student success
  • Objective 3.2 – Talent Development
    • Create a clear standard of professional excellence, purposeful on-boarding, and talent development that contributes to employee growth
  • Objective 3.3 – Strategic Stewardship of Financial and Facility Resources
    • Apply strategic decision-making to ensure the most efficient and effective use of financial and facility resources to contribute to student success

Strategic Goal #4: Making Equity a Priority

Central Piedmont will make equity and inclusion intentional measures of college-wide student success by developing an understanding of achievement gaps and utilizing evidence-based practices to promote success for all students.

  • Objective 4.1 – Equity and Inclusion Awareness
    • Increase college-wide awareness of performance and persistence for all students
  • Objective 4.2 – Achievement Gaps
    • Make data-informed decisions to close achievement gaps and build pathways from non-credit to curriculum programs

Strategic Goal #5: Telling Our Story

Central Piedmont is a community asset for people of all backgrounds. We will expand efforts to position the College as the best choice for accessible, affordable, real-world education.

  • Objective 5.1 – Brand Launch
    • Introduce the new logo, brand name, and website to the community
  • Objective 5.2 – Internal Communication
    • Promote cross-functional teams to increase internal understanding of the roles and functions within the college
  • Objective 5.3 – External Communication
    • Serve as brand ambassadors who increase awareness of the value of a post-secondary credential and the diverse, comprehensive offerings at Central Piedmont
  • Objective 5.4 – Leverage Supporters
    • Provide alumni and community members opportunities to formally support the vision and mission of the College