Career and College Promise Courses

Approved Academic Pathways for Dual Enrollment during High School

High school students in the Career & College Promise Programs may follow two types of academic plans:

  1. College Transfer Pathways, and/or
  2. Career and Technical Pathways.

Students may only take courses in their selected pathway(s). If Career & College Promise students register for classes outside of their chosen pathway(s), the college will drop registration of those classes.

Students may choose to participate in:

  • two Career and Technical Pathways at a time, or
  • one Career and Technical Pathway and one Transfer Pathway at a time.

See which courses may be taken for each academic pathway on the Career & College Promise website under Program Options. From here, each pathway and its available courses may be viewed. Course descriptions and any required prerequisites may be seen by entering any course code (example: ABC 123) in the Search Catalog field above the left menu.