Lost and Found

Lost and Found is managed by College Security/Police Services. Found items can be turned in by calling the Security Dispatch Center at 704.330.6632. College Security/Police will send an officer to pick up the item, or found items also may be returned to Security/Police on each campus. Lost items are stored by CPCC Security/Police for 30 days. Unclaimed items beyond that time frame are disposed of according to North Carolina Law.

Inquiries about lost items should be directed first to the College Security/Police Services Office at the campus where the item was lost. To determine if someone has turned in a lost item to Security/Police, call 704.330.6632 to describe the item. Found items are electronically recorded by description in a database for all dispatchers and security officers to access. If Security/Police have an item similar to an item described, directions are given as to how and where the lost item may be identified and claimed.