Developmental Studies

Developmental Mathematics Courses

DMA 010Operations With Integers1.0
DMA 020Fractions and Decimals1.0
DMA 030Proportion/Ratios/Rates/Percents1.0
DMA 040Expressions, Linear Equations, Linear Inequalities1.0
DMA 050Graphs and Equations of Lines1.0
DMA 060Polynomial and Quadratic Applications1.0
DMA 070Rational Expressions and Equations1.0
DMA 080Radical Expressions and Equations1.0

Developmental Reading and English Courses

DRE 096Integrated Reading and Writing I3.0
DRE 097Integrated Reading and Writing II3.0
DRE 098Integrated Reading and Writing III3.0

ACA Academic Related Course

ACA 090Student Success Strategies3.0

Computer Information Technology Course

CTS 060Essential Computer Usage2.0

 Chemistry Course

CHM 090Chemistry Concepts4.0

 English as a Foreign Language Courses

EFL 050English for Academic Purp5.0
EFL 055English for Special Purpo3.0
EFL 062Listening/Speaking II5.0
EFL 063Listening/Speaking III5.0
EFL 064Listening-Speaking IV5.0
EFL 072Reading II5.0
EFL 073Reading III5.0
EFL 074Reading IV5.0
EFL 082Grammar II5.0
EFL 083Grammar III5.0
EFL 084Grammar IV5.0
EFL 092Composition II5.0
EFL 093Composition III5.0
EFL 094Composition IV5.0