Associate in Fine Arts in Music (A.F.A.)

The Associate in Fine Arts Degree in music is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to major in music. The AFA in Music is part of the Uniform Articulation Agreement between the University of North Carolina Baccalaureate of Fine Arts (BFA) Programs and the North Carolina Community College System Associate in Fine Arts in Music (AFAMU) Programs. The AFA requires 26 semester hours of general education core courses and 36 semester hours of courses in music. Transfer students should contact the senior (four-year) institution for specific transfer requirements.

Associate in Fine Arts Degree (A10700)

The Associate in Fine Arts degree in music is awarded for study leading toward a career in music. The A.F.A. degree is not included in the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. It requires 28 semester hours of General Education, with the remaining 38 hours devoted to skill development in the chosen area of concentration. Transfer to a senior institution is on a course-by-course basis along with the presentation of an audition, proficiency tests, or entrance exams for music. Students planning to transfer should contact the institution they plan to attend for specific transfer requirements.

Associate in Fine Arts in Music (A10700)

General Education Requirements
ENG 111Writing and Inquiry3.0
ENG 112Writing and Research in the Disciplines3.0
COM 231Public Speaking3.0
Select one of the following courses:3.0
Art Appreciation
Art History Survey I
Art History Survey II
Theatre Appreciation
Music Appreciation
Introduction to Jazz
Philosophical Issues
Introduction to Ethics
Select one of the following courses:3.0
World Civilizations I
World Civilizations II
American History I
American History II
Select one course from the following:3.0
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
American Government
General Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Select one of the following courses:3.0
Quantitative Literacy
Precalculus Algebra
Select 4.0 credits from the following courses:4.0
Descriptive Astronomy
and Descriptive Astronomy Lab
General Astronomy I
and General Astronomy I Lab
Principles of Biology
General Biology I
General Chemistry I
Conceptual Physics
and Conceptual Physics Lab
ACA 122College Transfer Success1.0
Music Theory:
MUS 121Music Theory I3.0
MUS 125Aural Skills I1.0
MUS 122Music Theory II3.0
MUS 126Aural Skills II1.0
MUS 221Music Theory III3.0
MUS 225Aural Skills III1.0
MUS 222Music Theory IV3.0
MUS 226Aural Skills IV1.0
Class Music:
MUS 151PClass Music I (Piano I)1.0
MUS 152PClass Music II (Piano II)1.0
MUS 251PClass Music III (piano Iii)1.0
MUS 252PClass Music IV (piano Iv)1.0
Applied Music:
MUS 161Applied Music I2.0
MUS 162Applied Music II2.0
MUS 261Applied Music III2.0
MUS 262Applied Music IV2.0
Music Ensembles:
Select 4.0 credits from the following courses:4.0
Chorus I
Chorus II
Band I
Band II
Jazz Ensemble I
Jazz Ensemble II
Orchestra I
Orchestra II
Ensemble I
Ensemble II
Opera Production I
Class Music I
Opera Production II
Show Choir I
Chorus III
Chorus IV
Band III
Band IV
Jazz Ensemble III
Jazz Ensemble IV
Orchestra III
Orchestra IV
Ensemble III
Ensemble IV
Big Band
Opera Production III
Opera Production IV
Music History
Select 3.0 credits from the following courses:3.0
Music History I
Music History II (In order to comply with bilateral agreements with four-year institutions, the Music Department strongly suggests that students complete both levels of Music History (MUS 271 and MUS 272). Please see your advisor for additional information.)
Work-Based Learning I
Fundamentals of Music
Class Music I
Total Credits61