College Transfer Associate in Engineering (A. E.) Degree

The Associate in Engineering (AE) degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to 4-year colleges and universities to major in Engineering. The degree transfers as a block to North Carolina public universities and other institutions which participate in the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA). Electives should be selected based on the intended major. For specific requirements, consult with an academic advisor in the Central Piedmont Engineering Technologies Division, a Central Piedmont Transfer Advisor, or the catalog for the senior four-year school to which transfer is intended. Students are encouraged to take the Accuplacer College Level Mathematics Test to be able to start with Calculus I in the first semester of study.

Information on the Associate in Engineering program is in the Engineering Technology Division.  For the most current information on the Associate in Engineering degree, visit the Associate in Engineering degree page.

College Transfer Associate in Engineering Degree (A10500)

Contact Information

The Associate in Engineering Degree is in the Engineering Technology Division. For additional information, visit the Associate in Engineering Degree website or the Program Chair at 704.330.6204

Program Requirements

General Education Requirements
ENG 111Writing and Inquiry3.0
ENG 112Writing and Research in the Disciplines3.0
COM 231Public Speaking3.0
ENG 231American Literature I3.0
or ENG 232 American Literature II
ECO 251Principles of Microeconomics3.0
Select one of the following:3.0
World Civilizations I
World Civilizations II
American History I
American History II
American Government
General Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
MAT 271Calculus I4.0
MAT 272Calculus II4.0
MAT 273Calculus III4.0
CHM 151General Chemistry I4.0
PHY 251General Physics I4.0
PHY 252General Physics II4.0
BIO 111General Biology I4.0
or CHM 152 General Chemistry II
Other Requirements:
ACA 122College Transfer Success1.0
EGR 150Intro to Engineering2.0
MAT 280Linear Algebra3.0
MAT 285Differential Equations3.0
Select 5 credits from the following:5.0
C++ Programming
Engineering Graphics
Logic System Design I
Engineering Statics
Total Credits60