Emergency Management

Pending State Approval

The Emergency Management curriculum is designed to provide students with a foundation of technical and professional knowledge needed for emergency services delivery in local and state government agencies.  Study involves both management and technical aspects of law enforcement, fire protection, emergency medical services, and emergency planning. Coursework includes classroom and laboratory exercised to introduce the student to various aspects of emergency preparedness, protection, and enforcement. Students will learn technical and administrative skills such as investigative principles, hazardous materials, code, standards, emergency agency operations, and finance. Employment opportunities include ambulance services, fire/rescue agencies, law enforcement agencies, fire marshal offices, industrial firms, educational institutions, emergency management offices, and other government agencies.  Employed persons should have opportunities for skills and supervisory-level positions.

Emergency Management (A55460)

Pending state approval

General Education Requirements
ENG 111Writing and Inquiry3.0
Select one of the following:3.0
Writing and Research in the Disciplines
Literature-Based Research
Professional Research & Reporting
Select one of the following: 3.0
Mathematical Measurement and Literacy
Algebra/Trigonometry I
Quantitative Literacy
Statistical Methods I
Precalculus Algebra
Precalculus Trigonometry
Calculus I
Select one of the following:3.0
Introduction to Communication
Public Speaking
Select one of the following:3.0
Art Appreciation
Art History Survey I
Art History Survey II
Cultural Studies
Myth in Human Culture
Music Appreciation
Introduction to Jazz
Philosophical Issues
Introduction to Ethics
Western Religions
Section one of the follwing:3.0
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
World Civilizations I
World Civilizations II
American History I
American History II
American Government
General Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Major Requirements 21.0
EPT 120
EPT 130
Emergency Management
EPT 210
EPT 220
EPT 275
EPT 228
Incident Management
Select one of the following:3.0
Critical Incident Mgmt for Public Safety
EPT 150
Law and Ethics Select One of The Following 3.0
Fire Protection Law
EPT 124
Other Major Hours Select 19 Hours From The Following 19.0
Introduction to Computers
Terrorism: Underlying Issues
Introduction to Homeland Security
Organization & Administration
Intelligence Analysis and Security Management
Ethics & Community Relations
Civil Liability
Fire Service Personnel Administration
Managing Fire Services
Municipal Public Relations
Total Credits64

No diplomas are offered in Emergency Management.

No certificates are offered in Emergency Management.