College and Career Readiness Programs

The College and Career Readiness (CCR) department provides academic, job readiness and college-prep opportunities for students to engage in exploring, choosing and moving successfully toward or into the career or college/training program of their choice. The CCR staff and faculty is committed to helping students develop the vital knowledge and skills required for future success in additional education or employment. Students are encouraged and supported in the development of an individual career path to help them track their educational and career development progress.

To ensure a successful transition into a post-secondary education institution or the workforce, CCR faculty and staff guide students through an assortment of CCR courses, including college and career-focused programs, high school completion, English as a Second Language and Special Learning Needs. Career awareness and work-related skills are integrated into all instruction to help students see the relevancy and application of what they are learning.

Advising for College and Career Readiness
English Classes (ESL)
Refugee Education
Independence and Literacy Education for Adults with Disabilities (I-LEAD)

High School Credentials
Adult High School Diploma
High School Equivalency (HSE) Instruction
High School Equivalency (HSE) Testing

Workplace and Career Readiness
Accelerated Career Training (ACT)
Career Development
NC Works NextGen
Pathways to Careers
Rise 2 Work
Working in America