Personal Enrichment

Find balance, pleasure, and discovery in life through continuing education courses designed for recreation, leisure and personal enrichment. Offered year-round and throughout Mecklenburg County, these courses do not earn college credit. The continuing education focus is on individual well-being and lifelong learning. Categories and topics vary in length from short seminars of a few hours to 30 hours or more of in-depth instruction. Most of these courses are fee-based, and all are open to the public.

Many personal enrichment courses are introductory and do not require any specific skill level or prerequisites. Some, however, are designed in a progressive sequence from beginner to the more advanced. Courses span many topics including arts, floral design, sewing, interior decorating, music, fitness, wellness, gardening, foreign languages, cooking, motorcycle safety, and personal finance.

A new cycle of continuing education courses is generally available each semester (spring, summer, and fall). Registration and payment typically is available until the starting date of classes unless the course reaches maximum enrollment or is canceled. No enrollment application or transcripts are required.

Search for courses by topic(s) using a keyword or words in the online tool Schedule Builder on the college website home page. 

To learn more, visit the Personal Enrichment Web page of the Corporate and Continuing Education website, or call customer service at 704.330.4223 to register for classes.