Personal Enrichment

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Find balance, pleasure and discovery in life through continuing education courses designed for recreation, leisure and personal enrichment. Offered year-round and throughout Mecklenburg County, these non-degree courses focus on individual well-being and lifelong learning. Categories and topics are selected based on student interest and vary in length from short seminars of a few hours to 30 hours or more of in-depth instruction. Most of these courses are fee-based, and all are open to the public.

Many personal enrichment courses are introductory and do not require any specific skill level or prerequisites. Some, however, are designed in progressive sequence from beginner to the more advanced. In addition to job and career enhancement, personal enrichment programming spans many areas of interest and all skill levels. Topics include music, fitness, dance, art, gardening, languages, cooking and much more.

A complete schedule of non-degree courses is available each semester (spring, summer and fall). Registration and payment typically is available until the starting date of classes, unless the course is at maximum enrollment or is canceled with less than minimum enrollment. No enrollment application or transcripts are required. Courses and programs vary each semester, but typically include these topic areas.



Explore all things creative, including creative writing, dance, drawing and painting, film critique, mixed media and music.



Dance classes are a great way to stay in shape while learning and having fun. Choices are offered at several locations throughout the city. Courses include:

Belly Dance (REC 8600)
Broadway Dance - Tap (ACC 8000)
Carolina Shag (REC 8955)
Dance Basics (REC 8211)
Dance Performance - Ballet (ACC 8205)
Hawaiian Hula - Dance Fitness (REC 8080)
Line Dancing (REC 8217)

Drawing and Painting

Basic Acrylic Painting Techniques (AVO 8748)
Basic Drawing Techniques (AVO 8558)
Basic Watercolor Techniques (AVO 8730)
Basics of Colored Pencil Drawing (AVO 8657)
Drawing Skills For Paintings (AVO 8667)
Exploring Painting Media (AAC 8027)
Illustration Drawings -- From Comic Books to Children's Books (AVO 8656)
Introduction to Studio Painting Techniques (AVO 8746)
Studio Painting - Using Oils and Acrylics (AVO 8745)

Mixed Media

Acrylic Art - Mixed Media Collage Ceramics
Exploration into the Creative Process of Making Visual Art
Recycled Jewelry Making and Wire Wrapping
Stained Glass Workshop


Central Piedmont Chorale
Folk Harp Ensemble  Folk Harp Ensemble II
Music Made Easy (online)
Piano for Beginners
Piano for Beginners - Level 2
Songwriting Made Easy
Vocal Ensemble


Advanced Creative Writing
Beginners' Guide to Getting Published
Crafting the Personal Essay Part ll - The Essence of Memories
Freelance Journalism : Writing to Sell

Freelance Journalism: The Next Step - Ideas to Income
Get Funny! Comedy Writing
Introduction to Journaling
Letter Writing - Reviving a Lost Art in Today's Fast Paced World
Marketing Your Writing - An Editor's Perspective on Successful Freelancing
Mystery Writing
Publish and Sell Your E-Books
Ready, Set, Submit! Marketing Your Fiction, Short-Story or Book
Research Methods for Writers
Telling Your Story - The Personal Essay and the Essence of Memories
The Editing and Revision Process
Writing for Children
Writing Young Adult Fiction

Transportation Systems Technologies at CPCC offers a variety of non-degree training courses related to the repair and operation of vehicles and small engines. New classes may be added during the year. Contact Transportation Systems Technology at 704.330.4122


Auto Empowerment (AUX 8016)
Basic Auto Body Restoration (AUX 9300)

Small Engine Repair Skills
Basic Small Engines (AUX 7003)
Basic Small Engine Overhaul (AUX 7004)




Charlotte Cooks™

Expert, friendly instructors guide learning and practice as students prepare delicious meals, desserts and more in professional kitchens. The option to experience Charlotte Cooks’ team-building sessions also is available by request through the Corporate Learning Center by calling 704.330.4660. These fun and popular sessions can be customized, hands-on and affordable for special interest groups, businesses and special occasions.


Baking and Pastry Arts (various courses)
Baking and Pastry Boot Camp (CKG 8300)
Cooking Skills (various courses)
Culinary Boot Camp (CKG 7300)
Entertain at Home Package (CKG 7361)
Wine Package (WNE 7040)
Wilton Method Package (CKG 8360)
World and Regional Cuisines (various courses)

Home and Outdoors

Topics include interior design, gardening and landscaping, sewing and quilting, and home improvement for personal pleasure, skills and discovery.


Birding in North Carolina (LLI 7082)
Creative Interiors (various courses)
DIY - Home Improvement (various courses)
Floral Design (various courses)
Gardening and Landscaping (various courses)
Sewing and Quilting (various courses)
The Night Sky (LLI 7907)

Languages and Culture

Contact Corporate and Continuing Education Customer Service at 704.330.4223 or visit the CCE Languages and Culture website at

Connect and learn to communicate better with individuals from near and far with non-degree courses. Beginner to intermediate classes feature conversational practice and encourage participants to use their new language skills in real-world situations. Courses are taught at several locations in Mecklenburg County, including Myers Park High School. Group classes for travel clubs or businesses also are available by contacting the Corporate Learning Center at 704.330.4660.

Continuing education language courses emphasize grammar, speaking and listening skills. Beginning courses are offered in three levels:

  1. Level I assumes little or no prior knowledge of the language,
  2. Level II requires basic skill communication in short sentences or phrases, and
  3. Level III requires basic conversational skills.

Intermediate courses are designed to be taught in the target language as much as possible with little or no conversation in English.


Beginning Chinese I, II - Mandarin (LAN 8014), (LAN 8019)
French: Beginning I, II (LAN7301), (LAN 7302)
German: Beginning I, II (LAN 7305), (LAN 7306)
Greek (GRE 7000)
Italian: Beginning I, II (LAN 7315), (LAN 7316)
Portuguese (POR 7000)
Spanish: Beginning I, II or III (LAN 7309), (LAN7310), (LAN 7311)
Intermediate Spanish I (LAN 7060)

Preparing for the U.S. Citizenship Test (ESL 7006)

International Learning and Study Abroad

Gain a global perspective through travel and learning in selected programs open to community members. Such programs include: studying language in Peru, Germany and Montreal, getting a taste of the cuisine and art in France, Greece and England, and exploring the emerging economies of Brazil and China.

Learn more about participating in these learning adventures by calling the Global Learning Department at 704.330.6167 or visit the Global Learning website for complete details at


Popular, public motorcycle riding and safety classes are taught in small groups for added attention. Experienced rider courses and courses taught just for women help riders find what fits their needs.


Motorcycle Basic Rider Course - The Dealer Experience (MIC 8750)
Weekday Motorcycle Basic Rider Course - The Dealer Experience (MIC 8755)
Motorcycle Returning Rider Basic Rider Course - The Dealer Experience (MIC 8759)
Experienced Rider Course/Basic Rider Course 2 (MIC 8795)

Personal Finance

The Financial Services Institute at CPCC offers courses to help individuals understand finances and improve their financial future. Whether participants are just out of high school or planning for retirement, programs provide the knowledge and skills to allow them to take charge of their finances.


Budgeting Basics for Paying Off Debt (ECO 8215)
Financial Planning for Women (ECO 8105)
Introduction to Stock Options (ECO 8051)
Investing 102: Turning your Retirement Nest Egg into a Monthly Income (ECO8265)
Investing for Life (ECO 8250)
Retirement Planning Today (ECO 8205)
Social Security and Medicare: Where do I Begin? (ECO 8230)
Stocks, Bonds, and Investing (ECO 8052)
The Analysis and Valuation of Stocks (ECO 8053)

The Corporate Learning Center can customize or tailor presentations to specific employees or private groups. Call the Corporate Learning Center at 704.330.4660 for questions or a quote.

Personal Safety

Gain confidence and learn self defense in these hands-on courses. Learn tips and techniques from top, experienced safety experts. Classes also are available for special group or custom delivery.


Get Tough! Self-Defense Tips and Techniques for Women (SLF 7002)
Personal Safety Strategies for College Bound Students (SLF 7007)
North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Training

Recreation and Health

Select from time honored disciplines, fitness-based activities or choose unique health offerings all designed to improve your life. Classes in Yoga, Tai Chi, dance for fitness, Pilates and more get students moving and on a path to better health. Great facilities on various campuses welcome all levels of participants. Participants may set their own pace with no annual commitment or fees.


Belly Dance (REC 8600)
Broadway Dance - Tap (ACC 8000)
Carolina Shag (REC 8955)
Dance Basics (REC 8211)
Dance Performance - Ballet (ACC 8205)
Hawaiian Hula - Dance Fitness (REC 8080)
Hip-Hop/Latin Dance Aerobics (REC 8109)
Line Dancing (REC 8217)
Mindful Health Workshop (REC 8220)
Pilates (REC 8115)
Tai Chi (LLI 7058)

Sports and Fitness

Enjoy learning a new sport at CPCC or polish skills while meeting new people and getting expert instruction. Classes are small and offered at convenient times for a great experience - and a great workout! Options include tennis, golf, kayaking and boot camp fitness. For those making fitness a specialty or career, Fitness Professional Certification is offered.


Boot Camp Fitness (REC 8230)
        Golf for Beginners (RED 8401)
        Intermediate Golf (REC 8402)
        The Mental Game of Golf (REC 8410)
        Play Like a Golf Pro: Advanced On Course Training (REC 8409)
        Women are Golfers, Too (REC 8405) 
Hip-Hop Latin Dance (REC 8109)
Introduction to Sailing for Women (SAL 7000)
Kayaking (REC 8460)

Personal Trainer National Certification (WIT 7000)
A CPCC partnership with World Instructor Training Schools (WITS) allows students to become Certified Personal Trainers prepared to work one-on-one with clients in fitness facilities. Study focuses on anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition, musculoskeletal injuries, health assessments and more. Students must hold current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification. Additional courses are available to provide Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits. To learn more about current courses available, contact Corporate and Continuing Education Customer Service at 704.330.4223 or use the online Schedule Builder and enter keyword terms including "personal trainer."

Pilates for Beginners (REC 8115)
Advanced Tennis for Beginners (REC 8306)
Tennis for Beginners (REC 8305)
Turbo Kickboxing for Beginners (REC 8117)