Workplace Basic Skills

Foundational Skills Office: 704.330.4554
Corporate Learning Services: 704.330.4660

A skilled and productive workforce begins with employees that have fundamental knowledge and skills such as reading to understand and to follow directions, using math for measurement and simple calculations and writing to record data or communicate. CPCC works with business and industry to offer basic skills classes to serve those employees’ needs. Courses often are held on-site at the workplace and are coordinated with work schedules. The College also offers courses for English as a Second Language (ESL), for High School Equivalency Diploma or GED Testing preparation. Learn more about how a company or organization can offer basic skills to employees by calling the Foundational Skills Office at 704.330.4554. For information on additional customized training for employees or for an assessment of employees’ skill levels, contact Corporate Learning at 704.330.4660. Courses available include the following:

English as a Second Language (ESL) – beginning, intermediate and advanced
High School Equivalency test preparation
Math for ESL students