Teacher Education: Non-degree Continuing Education

Central Piedmont helps to prepare North Carolina educators in various stages of their careers. For teachers who need to renew their teaching license, courses provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs). See the Corporate and Continuing Education Teacher Education webpage for details. 

ESL Instructor Fast-Track Training

English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor Fast-Track Training (TSL 8500) is a five-module, 30-hour online course for prospective adult literacy instructors on the fundamentals of adult ESL literacy instruction.

Renewal Credit

To learn about teacher renewal courses or to register for a class, call customer service at 704.330.4223. Online classes with flexible starting dates offer various teaching and education topics, including classroom computing, languages, mathematics, reading and writing, and test preparation.

Please note: Non-credit continuing education courses do not meet the requirements for an initial license. Students taking these courses to renew a teaching license should get verification that the courses meet state requirements. Contact the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction at 800.577.7994 (toll-free in-state). Licensure information is also available on the North Carolina DPI website.

Substitute Training

Substitute Training: Becoming an Effective Substitute Teacher (EDU 7001) is offered several times a year. Additional information is available by calling 704.330.4223.