Notary Public

Notary Public for New or Renewal Applicants

Notary Public classes provide an introduction to the statutes that regulate the acts of North Carolina notaries public. Find additional information at the Secretary of State website. The purpose of the education requirement is to enable the applicant to become a responsible, qualified candidate for Notary Public commission. This course also serves as qualification for re-commissioning of existing notaries public. A current edition of the Notary Public Guidebook must be purchased prior to participating in class. The Notary Public I course (BUS 7116) is the appropriate course for anyone seeking to become a Notary in N.C.

Course: Notary Public I (BUS 7116)

Electronic Notary Certification

This course instructs existing North Carolina notaries public in the legislated procedure required to exercise electronic notarial acts as set forth by the N.C. Secretary of State. Participants must hold a valid commission as a N.C. notary public to qualify for this certification. The course covers the N.C. E-Notary Act, eligibility and registration, E-notary processes, technology solutions and providers, ethics reg. E-notarizations, consequences of misconduct, security standards, best practices and departmental recommendations. Prerequisite: Participants must have a valid commission as a N.C. Notary Public prior to participating in the Electronic Notary Certification course. 

Course: Electronic Notary Certification (BUS 7117)

Find Notary Public on the Financial Services Web page of the Corporate and Continuing Education website.

To register for classes, contact customer service at 704.330.4223.