Health and Human Services

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Aging Studies

Activity Director - Basic Training (OAP 7006)
Aging Studies Certificate: Part 1 (LLI 7075); Part II (LLI 7076)
Assisted Living Administrator (GEX 7061)
Caring for Persons with Alzheimer's and Dementia (LLI 7092)
Medication Technician (LLI 7107)

Allied Health

Advanced Coding (HEA 7313)
Anatomy and Physiology for Continuing Education Students (HEA 7265)
EKG Technician (HEA 7315)

Exploring Medical Language (HEA 7254)
Hospital Nursing Unit Secretary (HEA 7320)
Introduction to Biology
Medical Keyboarding (HEA 7625)
Medical Reimbursement Specialist (HEA 7270)
Medical Transcription (HEA7401)
Nurse Aide I
Pharmacy Technician (PHX 7960)
Phlebotomy (MLA 7001)

GEX 7016. Assisted Living Administrator Training. 0.0 Hours. Class-215.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

This course trains individuals to be assisted living administrators. The course meets the state requirement with 75 hours of online and in-class coursework and 120 hours of preceptorship. The coursework includes resource management, management of environmental services, finance, food services, marketing, budgeting and resident care. Preceptorships are on site at approved assisted living communities.

HEA 7254. Exploring Medical Language. 0.0 Hours. Class-164.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

This is a medical terminology course that includes the basics of anatomy and physiology, disease process and pharmacology.

HEA 7265. Anatomy & Physiology for CCE Students. 0.0 Hours. Class-80.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Basic anatomy and physiology course designed for students entering medical transcription and medical coding classes.

HEA 7270. Medical Reimbursement Specialist. 0.0 Hours. Class-150.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Students will learn basic ICD-10-CM and CPT coding skills coding skills. Students will gain knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, insurance terminology, billing and reimbursement skills.

HEA 7313. Advanced Coding. 0.0 Hours. Class-150.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

This course is a continuation of basic and intermediate coding. It will provide in-depth coverage of ICD-10-CM and CPT coding.

HEA 7315. EKG Technician. 0.0 Hours. Class-112.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Students will gain knowledge of cardiac terminology, understand the structure and function of the heart, and understand the anatomy and physiology of the heart. Students will gain basic understanding of the electrical conduction system and how it affects heart function. Students will identify why the EKG is done. Students will identify common arrhythmias, and demonstrate patient prep as well as proper placement of EKG leads. Students will be able to properly and safely operate the equipment, run a 12 lead EKG accurately and prepare it for reading.

HEA 7320. Hospital Nursing Unit Secretary. 0.0 Hours. Class-164.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

This course is designed to prepare individuals to perform competently as a secretary on a nursing unit. Students will learn and perform various clerical procedures such as telephone techniques, physician order interpretation, maintenance of the patient's chart, scheduling appointments and requesting supplies and/or equipment.

HEA 7401. Medical Transcriptionist. 0.0 Hours. Class-176.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Students learn basic medical transcription skills using a Dictaphone and computer keyboarding.

HEA 7625. Medical Keyboarding. 0.0 Hours. Class-60.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Provides a basic keyboarding course designed for persons entering a healthcare field.

MLA 7001. Phlebotomy Training Experience. 0.0 Hours. Class-200.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

This course prepares the participant in the knowledge and skills to become a certified phlebotomist, a medical professional who collects blood from patients for various laboratory tests and procedures. The course consists of both a seven week classroom phase and, with successful completion, a seven week clinical experience. Students who complete both phases successfully are eligible to seek national certification. Phlebotomy training and certification enables individuals to seek employment in hospital labs, physician practices, and private independent laboratories with full time or part time employment.

OAP 7006. Activity Director-MEPAP 2nd Edition Basic Training Course. 0.0 Hours. Class-180.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

This activity training course qualifies activity directors to work in assisted living communities and nursing homes according to state regulations. It encourages activity directors to aspire to certification with the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals. Topics include recognizing the needs of older adults as they age, activity assessments, interdisciplinary team planning, goal setting for residents, documentation in the health record, resources, volunteer management and regulations and requirements that impact delivery of activities in long-term care settings.