Graphic Design, Printing and Digital Photography

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Course topics include:

Graphic Design

Comic Book creation, inking, digital coloring
Freelancing for Graphic Designers
Hand Lettering
Introduction to Package Design
Visual Narrative Workshop

Adobe Creative Suite

Photoshop 1 and 2
Photoshop Bootcamp





T-Shirt Design and Printing

Digital Photography

Adobe Lightroom 6 CC
Basic Flash Photography
Photographing People
Principles of Photographic Composition

PRX 7122. Offset Concepts. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Our overview class for offset litho is designed for anyone that wants to learn more about the offset printing process. This class features hands on training in offset prepress and printing as well as an overview of the industry as a whole. Our Graphics Arts and Imaging Technology staff will walk you through the offset printing process from concept to actual printed product. We keep the class size small to maximize the hands-on time. If you work in any aspect of printing, this is a good offset overview class.

PRX 7033. Screen Printing Concepts II. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Our Screen Printing Concepts II is designed for beginner to advanced level in textile screen printing. You will follow the screen printing process from start to finish with detail at each step. Lectures on the process combined with pre-press and press runs will give both a hands on and class experience designed to raise your comfort level. Screen Printing Concepts, our first level class, is recommended but not required. Class sizes will be kept small to maximize the hands on time. Open toed shoes are not allowed and Student Accident Insurance is required.