Audio and Video Engineering

Learn about the recording studio from an artistic and operational view in a progressive series of non-degree continuing education courses. For complete details, visit the Audio and Engineering website.


Level 1 (AAC 8002)
Introduction to the recording studio, including audio consoles, equipment and echo chambers.

Level 1B (AAC 8102)
Continue study from Level 1 and prepare for Level 2.

Level 2 (AAC 8003)
Begin to apply recording techniques, including multi-track recording.

Level 3 Techniques (AAC 8005)
Learn digital workstations and ProTools for multi-track recording with post-production, editing and more.



The Art of Production - Level 1 (AAC 8004)
The Art of Production - Level 2 (AAC 8014)

These lists are non-inclusive and programming is subject to change, based on industry demand and individual career planning. Check for additional courses and those available by request by contacting Customer Service and Registration for Corporate and Continuing Education at 704.330.4223.

For custom group training certifications, contact the Corporate Learning Center at 704.330.4660.