Service-Learning Center

Service-learning is an innovative teaching method that combines meaningful community service with academic instruction. Instructors who incorporate a service-learning component into their courses offer grade-based incentives for students to commit to service projects that are relevant to course learning objectives. National research data shows that student service-learners learn more about the course content, are more engaged in the classroom, explore career options and assume greater civic responsibility in their community. CPCC research data shows that service-learning has a high correlation with student success.

The CPCC Service-Learning Center serves as a liaison between instructors, students and the partnering community agencies that provide service opportunities for students. The Center is an on-campus resource for information about non-profit organizations. It is also a resource for faculty development and training opportunities related to service-learning teaching methods.

In addition to its curriculum-based service, the Service-Learning Center sponsors, supports and coordinates additional service opportunities for students outside the classroom. These programs include Service in Action!, Alternative Spring Break, Martin Luther King Challenge, environmental service projects supporting local initiatives, tutoring programs in local schools and volunteer fairs.

The Service-Learning Center is located on:

  • Central Campus, Room 257 of the Overcash Building
  • Harper Campus, Room 344 of the 3rd Floor Wing
  • Cato Campus, Room 124
  • Levine Campus, Room 1402
  • Merancas Campus, Room 1108B of the Claytor Building
  • Harris Campus, Room 119 of the Harris I Building

Information is available by calling 704.330.6445 and online at