Developmental Courses

Students should begin developmental course work at the appropriate level indicated by their placement test. Each Developmental course has stated objectives and a system to help students accomplish those objectives.

Developmental Mathematics Courses

DMA 010Operations With Integers1.0
DMA 020Fractions and Decimals1.0
DMA 030Proportion/Ratios/Rates/Percents1.0
DMA 040Expressions, Linear Equations, Linear Inequalities1.0
DMA 050Graphs and Equations of Lines1.0
DMA 060Polynomial and Quadratic Applications1.0
DMA 070Rational Expressions and Equations1.0
DMA 080Radical Expressions and Equations1.0

Developmental Reading and English Courses

DRE 096Integrated Reading and Writing I3.0
DRE 097Integrated Reading and Writing II3.0
DRE 098Integrated Reading and Writing III3.0