Journalism (JOU)

Journalism Courses

JOU 7001. Introduction to Internet Writing Markets. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Discover the thousands of lucrative publishing opportunities that await you on the Internet if you understand Internet marketing. Whether you're just taking your first steps toward that dream of getting published, or you have a dozen books to your credit, this course will show you how you can start earning income on the Web right away. You'll learn how to make the Internet work for you from a writer who has spent years exploring its potential.

JOU 7005. Beginner's Guide to Getting Published. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

This comprehensive course will help you guide your work directly into the hands of an editor and onto the shelves of your favorite stores. Taught by a successful journalist and author, this course will walk you through every step of the publishing process. Have all of your questions answered about important legal issues, including copyright, agents and the use of pseudonyms.

JOU 7006. Publish and Sell Your E-Books. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Learn how to use free tools to turn your manuscript into a professionally published e-book ready for distribution. Or, if you don't consider yourself a techie, this course will give you the information you need to select the right publishing services to help you as you convert your manuscript so you're ready to sell it as an e-book. Discover the tricks of the trade used by traditional publishers to make sure their books are in the best position to be found by readers.

JOU 7007. Writing for Children. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Join author and writing mentor Steve Alcorn and discover what you need to know to write for children. If you're a beginning writer, this course will help you transform your book idea into a finished product that could potentially land in the hands of an editor or agent. And if you're already a successful writer, this course will help you explore new opportunities and markets for your work.

JOU 7008. Writing Young Adult Fiction. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Step-by-step, you'll learn to plan your plot and bring characters to life as you master each element of writing young adult fiction. This six-week course has everything you need to create a polished manuscript and get your story in print.

JOU 7010. Research Methods for Writers. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Attention all writers! Learn how to efficiently and effectively conduct research for any writing project: fiction, nonfiction, business . . . even term papers and dissertations. Modern research techniques are boundless. The trick is to know where to look and what to look for. This six-week online course teaches the best methods for mounting a search on any subject.

JOU 7110. Introduction to Journaling. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

If you've ever wanted to try journaling, this course will provide answers to your every question. You'll discover the different types of journaling (including dream journaling), and sample a buffet of journaling techniques, exercises, tools, and resources. We'll cover everything you need to know about journaling, including a seven-step process that will ease you into writing a journal, even if you've never journaled before. You'll get detailed instructions on developing, decorating, and customizing your journal, and you'll learn exciting new ways to express yourself and develop your creativity. You'll find out how you can use your journal to explore your thoughts, feelings, and values, and you'll learn how to use your journal to support you as you develop true emotional well-being. You'll also understand how journaling can ease the stress of unwanted change throughout the course of your life. You'll even discover how journaling can help you choose the best career for you or advance in your current career. Offered in partnership with ed2go.

JOU 8000. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Enter the world of speculative fiction and learn to structure, polish and prepare your science fiction and fantasy (SF & F) ideas and writings for publication. This course is designed for writers at all stages of development, who have a keen interest in writing science fiction or fantasy stories, under the guidance of a seasoned SF & F author. In class, you will learn how critiques (both giving and taking) are an essential part of any successful writing process. Students will first work on structuring their stories, learning and using the building blocks of all fiction writing, and then submit finished stories to the class and instructor for constructive criticism, feedback and refinement during the latter sessions of the class.

JOU 8002. Mystery Writing. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Learn the difference between story and plot, experiment with various viewpoints, and discuss more twists and turns to thrill your readers. Following each lesson, you'll practice on your own story by writing complete scenes and learning the internal structure that makes every scene feel right. Packed with expert advice, you'll be well on your way to writing a successful mystery of your own.

JOU 8100. Food Writing for Newspapers, Magazines, And Cookbook Authoring. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Food writing offers a "buffet" of opportunities. Learn the nuances of writing for magazines or newspapers and gain insight into how to publish a cookbook. This six-week course details the riting process and offers tips on how to pitch a story for publication. Topics covered include: different types of food journalism, the writing process, writing a restaurant review, pitching a story idea, compiling a cookbook and writing receipes. Students must activate their SNAP account prior to the start of class.

JOU 8101. Writing for Print, Online, Columns or Business Releases and Newsletters. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Learn the ins-and-outs of writing from a pro and gain valuable insight into the world of writing aimed at a targeted audience.

JOU 8102. Follow Your Tale. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Alice was curious so she followed the white rabbit. You are curious about writing, but you feel stuck. Have you been following your rabbit's tale? In this course you will have the opportunity to follow your own rabbit tale. We will read, write, and discuss the work of published authors as well as fellow classmates in each class period as we take the fuzzy (tale) of an idea and follow it down its rabbit hole. Maybe you have an image that wants to be a poem. Perhaps you have a character that needs to find its story, etc. All genres are welcome. See you in Wonderland!.

JOU 8103. Writing Across Genres. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

So you want to write, but you can't seem to get started on that novel. Have you ever considered starting a shorter piece first? In this course writers will have the opportunity to learn about and try their hand at writing in short forms (flash fiction, micro essays, prose-poetry, dramatic monologues) from across the genres. Pieces produced in this course may even be the buds for longer works. Strategies for expanding these shorter pieces (or publishing/enjoying them as is) will also be addressed.

JOU 8111. The Healing Power of Words. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

What benefits can writing provide - physically, mentally, spiritually? Are some ways of writing more healing than others? And can we create quality literary work as we heal? In this workshop that incorporates Dr. James Pennebaker's groundbreaking ideas, we'll discuss and implement ways to use writing as a transformational tool. And, if you're looking, you'll find the genesis of new poetry, creative non-fiction, and/or fiction. WARNING: Laughter likely. Inspiration guaranteed!.

JOU 8113. Advanced Creative Writing: Creativity Taken to the Next Level. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Do you have a fiction or nonfiction story in the making? Are you feeling a bit uncertain about how to pull it together? Then this course is for you! You will examine the details of your creation and get tips on every facet of crafting a story, including structure, theme, motif, opening and more. With careful attention to detail your story will come alive. Learn how to create a page-turner that touches your reader's heart. Class time will include lecture, discussion and writing exercises.

JOU 8114. Creative Writing. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Are you ready to test the waters of creative writing but not sure where to start or how? Maybe you've written before, but long ago. Or, maybe you never had an opportunity to learn. This course will guide you as you let your creative thoughts roam. You will get tips on craft and practice as you use various imagination-stretching exercises, then write through in-class readings, discussions and assignments, to build upon those ideas. This course will focus on fiction, creative nonfiction and depending on interest, poetry as a means to enhancing and structuring your writings. Best of all: no exams or grades to worry about!.

JOU 8115. Telling Your Story - The Personal Essay and the Essence of Memories. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered how to make sense of it? We all have. Writing forces us to think through our life experiences, one sentence at a time. In the process, memories become coherent and we find a sense of purpose. This class will show you how to write about something that matters to you, whether a favorite relative, or a lesson learned through personal hardship or happier times. You'll learn how to turn an idea into a essay or story and at the end of six weeks, you'll have a written work to share.

JOU 8118. Delicious Words: Food For The Soul Stories. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Food not only nurtures us, it is also a rich source of metaphor and memory. Come nibble on cookies from well- known author Maureen Ryan-Griffin's own mother's recipes as you write your own delicious memories. Learn how to begin your own food memoir or family/community cookbook, write a food-related essay, and/or leave a legacy to share with loved ones. Class is taught by Barbara Lawing, well-known local writer.

JOU 8119. Write Yourself!. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Writers write. So says Anne Larnott, author of Bird By Bird. It's that easy! This course is for practicing writers, closet writers and as-yet-to-pick-up-the-pen writers who are interested in personal discovery and growth. Bring pen and notebook and reap writing's benefits - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We'll play with techniques and prompts to spur your imagination and look at how to turn your drafts into poems, stories, articles and/or essays. Class will be taught by Maureen Ryan Griffin, local award winning author.

JOU 8121. A Writers Guide to Successful Publication. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

A concentrated workshop designed for the writer whose goal is publication. Receive instructions for producing a professional manuscript, examine publishing industry structure, and learn strategies for finding an appropriate publisher. Resources for locating a literary agent are revealed.

JOU 8122. Creating a Sense of Place. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

What is a "sense of place" and how can writers capture the essence of a setting? Class will include readings and creative exercises that will promote open discussion. Students are encouraged to bring passages from the works of their favorite authors and examples of their own work.

JOU 8123. Write Away and Home Again. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Capture the spirit and specific details of your upcoming or past trips in this class that focuses on keeping a travel journal. Learn brainstorming and writing techniques that will have your trip come alive on the page!.

JOU 8124. Introduction to Contemporary Poetry. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Interested in reading, sharing, discussing, or understanding contempo- rary poetry? Then this course is for you! An eight-week "gathering" for the exploration and appreciation of contemporary poetry in an intimate workshop setting. Both writers and readers welcome. Students will be asked to purchase a book of contemporary poetry by the second class meeting for the purpose of sharing/study. A list will be provided by the instructor at the first class meeting.

JOU 8126. The Artist's Way-Feeding Your Creative Self. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Whether you dream of being a writer, an artist or actor, a singer or dancer, or just want to experience more joy in your life, this class will point the way. Learn to tap into your creative energies through in-class and out-of-class writing exercises and reading from, Julia Cameron's, "The Artist's Way.".

JOU 8127. Creativity in the Work Place: the Artist's Way At Work. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

I am not a businessman, I am an artist, says Warren Buffet. No one can dispute the success of this man in the business world, but what about the idea of business as art? If this concept is intriguing to you, join this class in exploration and problem solving.

JOU 8129. Novel Writing - Laying a Foundation. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Laying a foundation is a must for every person who shares the dream of writing The Great American Novel. This course is an in-depth study of the building blocks of fiction writing and is designed for all serious writers.

JOU 8130. The Editing & Revision Process. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Learn to submit well-edited manuscripts. This class zeroes in on how to structure and focus your writing, plus a review of the grammatical details necessary for successful submissions. Students are encouraged to bring in papers for in-class editing and review. Class is taught by a well-known local writer and editor.

JOU 8132. Magazine Masterpieces. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Want to write for magazines, but have no idea how to write that first piece or get it published? Magazine Masterpieces will get you started on your first article armed with a wealth of potential target markets. Learn how to select a topic, target an audience, self-edit, and more! In-class writing assignments and a completed outside article will be required.

JOU 8133. Writing for Children. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

What do Madonna, Sandra Day O'Conner and Judy Blume all have in common? They are all authors of books for children. While there is no easy, sure-fire way to get published, there are tricks of the trade that will help. In this hands-on workshop, Carol Baldwin, author of "Teaching the Story: Fiction Writing in Grades 4-8," will use her 15 years of experience leading the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators local critique group to talk about writing picture, chapter and young adult books as well as non-fiction and magazine articles. Upon enrollment in the class, you will receive an invitation for the class wiki site (, an online, editable website for class assignments, postings, student work and critiques. Go to the front page of the wiki, click on the link to request access. The instructor will respond via email. Then follow the instructions on the front page several days before the class begins. Suggested supplemental text: ?Teaching the Story: Fiction Writing in Grades 4-8.? Bring to class: Composition book, pen, red pen or pencil.

JOU 8144. Ready, Set, Submit! Marketing Your Fiction, Short-Story Or Book. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Aren't sure what to do now that your close-to-perfect piece of fiction (short-story poem or book idea) is nearing completion? In this six-week class you'll polish your work and gain valuable submission strategies to help you submit your work or a proposal to a targeted audience.

JOU 8148. Novel Writer's Marketing Toolkit. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Designed to prepare and equip writers with everything from drafting a synopses of your novel to marketing to publisher queries, the aim of this course is to help fiction writers in all genres learn how to polish, prepare and market their work.

JOU 8149. Marketing for Writers - How to Sell Everything You Write. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Discover how to find publishers for your articles, evaluate the market, deal with editors, sell your writings and stay organized for marketing success.

JOU 8150. Freelance Journalism: Writing to Sell. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Freelance feature writing is a staple of magazines, alternative weeklies and daily newspapers. Whether you're interested in entertainment, sports, travel, business or profiles, this course offers a primer in the fundamental skills of interviewing, reporting, writing and editing - all of which go into creating the thoughtful, vibrant and well-constructed feature stories editors want.

JOU 8151. Freelance Journalism: The Next Step - Ideas to Income. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Designed for students who have taken a freelance journalism class or have some experience writing for publications but need support and structure to turn ideas into income. We'll work on polishing ideas, writing (and critiquing) queries, improving research and interview techniques, learning how to develop relationships with editors and understanding the basics of setting up a freelance business. This is an interactive class for writers who know the basics and are ready to launch their writing careers.

JOU 8154. Entertainment Writing for Fun and Profit. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Get an insider's view on how to write successful entertainment stories for print and media, plus get useful tips on publishing and the Charlotte market. No longer relegated to feature sections entertainment writing is an integral and popular piece of news coverage in local communities and publications. This can become a lucrative career and fun way to express your opinion of bands, authors, plays and more. You will learn to write for front pages and for the growing entertainment community. Master the five keys of a successful entertainment article: the Q and A, profile, advance article, performance review and product review.

JOU 8157. Screenwriting Workshop: The Spec Script, A Work-In-Progress. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Every aspiring screenwriter has a work-in-progress which could benefit from the input of a seasoned screenwriter and the fellowship and feedback of other writers Bring your script to this weekend workshop to hone your premise and a structure to take your storyline and characters to their conclusions. Short lectures, generated by participant demands, will address refining the premise, scene, character and emotional content. The exchange of constructive peer feedback will help students develop their projects in a supportive environment. Suggested Supplemental Text: "Screenplay" by Syd Field, Dell (new edition). Also helpful: Final Draft 7 Professional Scriptwriting software.

JOU 8158. Introduction to Screenwriting. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Whether you want to write micro-budget indie films or Hollywood blockbusters, this course will teach you how to create a script that can sell. Start with the fundamentals and how to develop that tiny spark into a story, and finally how to structure it into a screenplay. You'll also get an inside look into the business of selling your script and building your career as a writer.

JOU 8160. How to Sell a Book in Today's Publishing Marketplace. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Students will learn about the nature of the publishing marketplace, how to find and evaluate ideas for books, query publishers, find an agent, research and write a book proposal, and understand the publishing contract.

JOU 8170. The Writer's Guide to Small Press Publications. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Off your desk and onto the shelves. Take a look at the exciting world of small press publications. Learn about available resources for small press publications and focus on marketing and submitting your poems, essays, or short fiction to a particular audience. Class is taught by Barbara Lawing, well-known local writer.

JOU 8181. A Character Dialogue Workshop - Who Says Dialogue Doesn't Matter?. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Few components of fiction and non-fiction can make or break your writing like dialogue. Not only does it have to be believable, it also affects pacing and plot. Do you know how to avoid "wooden" dialogue? What about the nine ways to alter and punctuate, to show off your character's words to their best, most polished effect? If you want to learn this, and more, come join local author Maureen Ryan Griffin to study examples by accomplished writers and craft your own work.

JOU 8184. Fiction Writing Workshop. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Are you an intermediate fictional writer interested in taking your project to the next level? Then this class is for you! In the first hour your instructor will discuss a variety of topics related to creating fiction structured to engage and captivate your reader. The remaining class hour will be devoted to working on individual projects with advice and guidance from your instructor. Learn about effective beginnings, structuring your plot, creating rich characters and settings, world-building, dialogue, revising, and querying and publishing. Note: A story or work-in-progress is strongly recommended for this class. Suggested supplemental texts: Teaching the Story: Fiction Writing in Grades 4-8 by Carol Baldwin; Plot & Structure, Conflict & Suspense, and Revision and Self-Editing for Publication by James Scott Bell; Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by Donald Maass; or Planning Your Novel: Ideas and Structure (Foundations of Fiction) Volume 1, by Janice Hardy. Other suggested readings will be found on the wiki site. *Bring a composition book, pen, jump drive and a favorite novel or short story to the first class. Upon enrollment in the class, you will receive an invitation for the class wiki: This is a private, editable website for class assignments, online resources, student work and critiques. Go to the Front Page of the wiki and follow the instructions several days before class begins.

JOU 8185. Writing, Structuring and Publishing a Romance Novel. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Harlequin romance author AlTonya Washington brings her experiences from the writing industry to this class geared towards aspiring romance novelists. As an award-winning author, AlTonya will share insights, resources and advice on several aspects including hero-heroine character development, creation of dramatic scenes as well as her experiences writing for traditional publishing houses such as BET, Dafina Books and Harlequin romances.

JOU 8203. Marketing Your Writing - an Editor's Perspective on Successful Freelancing. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Are you looking to supplement your income? Maybe start a second career? Join us and work with an experienced editor who will give advice and tips on how and where to market your freelance work. Topics include creating ideas that will sell, pitching your piece, the submission process, including revisions and rewrites, understanding a basic publishing contract, payments, budgeting and time management; the important key to a freelance writer's success.

JOU 8204. Crafting the Personal Essay - The Essence of Memoirs. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

The art of condensing your thoughts into essay format can be intimidating, but not if you have the right tools. Learn how to use a personal essay to capture your reader's interest, inform and share, and tie it all together with a satisfying conclusion. The personal essay can bring the reader into your world to share your experience and values; this class will help you learn how to do this. Three outside-of-class assignments will be required as part of the class.

JOU 8205. Crafting the Personal Essay Part II - The Essence of Memories. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

You've learned the basics of how to write a short essay about your life. Your story may have focused on a place you lived, a person, an experience, or even an object that was important to you. This is called the nonfiction essay. Now you want to write more. This class is writing intensive and is a continuation of the foundations learned in JOU 8204 or JOU 8115. You'll complete two essays, one short and one long, as well as study published essays to understand what works and what doesn't. You'll receive feedback on your writing and provide feedback to others during class. Also included will be an advanced grammar and punctuation component, making sure your story doesn't get tossed off an editor's desk because of careless errors. You don't have to be a published author to take this class, but you have to be committed to writing! All classes except the first have homework assignments.

JOU 8400. Write Your Life Story. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

If you've ever thought about writing your life story, now is the time. You will have the satisfaction of telling history your way. This course walks you step-by-step through the process of writing your life story. It's fun. It's exciting. It's a story only you can tell.

JOU 8401. The Keys to Effective Editing. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

From the language of editing to grammar, punctuation, and syntax to the all-important relationships between editor, author, and publisher, every facet of editing will be explored in this copyeditor course. Online editing is gaining popularity; its complexities will be unraveled and its advantages and pitfalls explored.

JOU 8801. Creating a Blog Site: Personal Communication in the Electronic Age. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

In today's electronic world of social networking, with websites such as Twitter that limit how much you can "tweet," you can still stay in touch personally through blogging. Learn to set up and create a blog dedicated to personal experience, writing and viewpoint. Understand organization, content and context. Define your writing style and grasp emotional issues involved in personal exposure in the blogosphere. You will also hone your writing skills for business and other forms of professional communication.

JOU 8802. Narrative Nonfiction Writing-Technique and Style. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

News and non-news writing (a.k.a. narrative nonfiction) share many traits; both hope to deliver good writing that taps into literary styles, organizational structure and approach, documentable subject matter and credible research and references. Narrative nonfiction also draws upon the writer's expertise, yet strives to be as factual as possible while upholding the truth of the story being written. In this class, the approach will be to do the basics well. Get the facts straight. Ask the right questions. Organize material. Write in a simple, clarified manner; be a jack of all trades; familiar with news, op-ed, opinion and other personal pieces.

JOU 8803. Letter Writing - Reviving a Lost Art in Today's Fast Paced World. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

NPR describes letter writing as the, "lost art." When was the last time you wrote a letter, or received one - yet how excited were you to open a personal, handwritten letter or card? People say, "Getting a letter in the mail beats an impersonal text or email, any day." A personal letter lets the recipient know you care about them - and took the time to truly show it. But how do you get started, let alone sustain letter writing? This class will refresh your dormant writing skills (is taught by an Associated Press journalist and weekly letter writer of 15 years). You'll hone your writing techniques; grammar and structure, as you reach out to people you care about. Also discussed, personal ways to stay in touch, including a personal blog aimed at a specific audience. And who knows, along the way you may rekindle a new (old) way to communicate!.

JOU 8829. Poetry Workshop. 0.0 Hours. Class-440.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

Whether you want to be Tennyson or Ginsberg, if you write poetry or want to begin, this workshop is for you. Work on your own pieces in the company of fellow poets and poets-to-be while learning to polish and carefully critique various forms of poetry.