Banking and Finance (BAF)


BAF 121. Economics for Bankers. 3.0 Credits. Class-3.0. Clinical-0.0. Lab-0.0. Work-0.0

This course is designed to provide bankers with an introduction to the fundamental principles of economics. Emphasis is placed on the basics of economics theory, macroeconomics, and examples of the application of economics to banking. Upon completion, students should be able to interpret economic indicators, relate basic principles of economic theory, describe inflation, and compare and contrast economic systems.

Prerequisites: Take DMA 050, MAT 121, MAT 122, MAT 171, MAT 172, MAT 223, MAT 263, MAT 271, MAT 272, MAT 273, or MAT 285 Minimum
grade C Take EFL 112, ENG 111, ENG 112, ENG 113, or ENG 114 with a minimum grade of C