Student Life

Outdoor activity with large group of students

The Office of Student Life places priority on activities which support and enhance learning in the classroom, provide opportunities for student leadership development and honor the rich diversity at CPCC and in the surrounding community. Student Life staff are present on each CPCC campus.

The Office of Student Life serves as a center for campus programs and activities, a resource for student organizations and a focal point for leadership development opportunities. Student Life provides direction, guidance and resources for numerous CPCC student organizations, including the Student Government Association, Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and the Student Leadership Academy.

Activities sponsored or supported by Student Life include festivals, lectures, workshops, recreational experiences, conferences, field trips, service projects, educational exhibits, live music and other co-curricular experiences. A full online calendar of Student Life events and activities can be found on the CPCC app and on the Student Life website.

For further information, visit the Student Life office on any campus, connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, or call 704.330.6584.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the student organization which represents the interests of all CPCC students and is present at each CPCC campus. Membership is open to all currently-enrolled curriculum students. The executive committee is elected through the process outlined in the SGA Constitution each spring. SGA’s policies are in keeping with those of the CPCC board of trustees, the administration and the laws of the State of North Carolina.

The SGA serves as a

  • student liaison with college administration,
  • resource for student clubs and organizations,
  • sponsor of annual festivals and service activities, and 
  • recommending committee for the expenditure of student activities fees.

The SGA president serves as a non-voting member of the college board of trustees and SGA members frequently serve as student representatives on various college committees.

The executive committee of the SGA includes the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and public information officer. Applications for senator positions are accepted during spring and fall semesters and appointments are made by vote of the executive committee. Applications for senator positions and the SGA Constitution are available in the Student Life office on any campus or on the Student Government Association website. For more information about SGA, call 704.330.6584.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Life and the Student Government Association offer support, guidance and resources to numerous student clubs and organizations on all CPCC campuses. Some of these organizations focus on special interests and others are directly related to curriculum programs offered at CPCC. Although some clubs have membership requirements, no student organization at CPCC is allowed to discriminate on any grounds. A complete list of student clubs and organizations is available on the Student Organizations page on the SGA website.

Student Information

CPCC Today is the weekly student e-newsletter filled with useful information including important deadlines, policy changes, events at the college and student discounts. Find out about parking information, new scholarships and the array of CPCC resources available. Visit CPCC Today for weekly issues or add the CPCC Today gadget to a CPCC student portal for easy access. For additional information, call 704.330.6231.

Family Resource Center at CPCC

The Family Resource Center (FRC) offers students a positive, safe and friendly environment to: recharge, educate and support students and their families. The FRC provides resources and connections to programs about smart and healthy living habits, self-care and other valuable life skills and promotes empowering support systems.

The Family Resource Center, located in Room 254 of the Overcash Building on Central Campus, serves CPCC students, staff and faculty on all six campuses. 

The Family Resource Center offers:

  • A warm, welcoming environment with access to a variety of educational materials focusing on wellness and self-care
  • Educational workshops and drop-in programs
  • Assistance in identifying college and community resources that may be helpful to student-parents and caregivers
  • Referrals to agencies and programs that may be of further assistance

The Family Resource Center also administers the state Childcare Assistance Grant to assist students with the costs of childcare.

For more information, visit the Family Resource Center website or call 704.330.6246.