College Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for Central Piedmont are accessible on the college’s website at Questions about the college’s policies and procedures can be directed to the Office of the Special Assistant to the President.

College policies and procedures are organized into seven categories with three appendices:

1. The Equal Opportunity Program
2. The Board of Trustees
3. The College Organization
4. Personnel
5. Education Programs
6. College Operations
7. Students
A. Bylaws: Classified Staff Council
B. Constitution: College Senate
C. Constitution: Student Government Association

Frequently requested student regulations are listed below under section headings where they are found in the catalog.


CLEP - College-Level Examination Program (Testing and Assessment section)
Transcript Evaluation Process
Course Credit and Placement 
     > Credit by Examination
     > Course Credit Guidelines for Military Service
     > Course Waiver
Advanced Placement Examination Course Credit Guidelines
International Baccalaureate Course Credit Guidelines

Course Registration

Auditing Courses
Course Load Regulation
Course Substitution
Repeating Courses

Learning Resources

Academic Regulations
     > Attendance
     > Changing Grades
     > Late Entry
     > Readmission from Suspension
     > Student Academic Integrity Policy
Grading Policy

College Life

Student Code of Conduct
Student Grievance Procedure


Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Ceremony Honors
Graduation Process for Adult High School Diplomas
Graduation Process for Certificates
Graduation Process for Degrees & Diplomas
Graduation Requirements